Guest Speaker Maureen Taylor at May Fréamh Éireann Meeting

Noted genealogist, Maureen Taylor, will speak at the May 12th meeting of the Fréamh Éireann Genealogy Group. She is a blogger, author of many books and magazine articles. The Wall Street Journal named her the “nation’s foremost historical photo detective.”
Family historians often overlook the ethnic evidence sitting in their photo albums. Using case studies and examples, this special presentation illustrates how to read immigration clues in pictures taken in the United States and abroad.
Ms. Taylor’s presentation is open to all members of the Gaelic American Club and will be in the Carolan Room on Saturday, May 12 at 10:30 am.

Dying the Good Death: The Irish Wake and American Popular Culture

Irish History Lecture Sunday, Feb 18, 2017 @ 2 -4pm

Presented By Dr. Bridget English, University of Illinois at Chicago

Beginning with the nineteenth century notion of an “American wake”–a party thrown for loved ones immigrating to America–this talk will explore the significance of the Irish wake as a point of contact between Irish and American cultures. The Irish wake was traditionally a site of liminality at which point the living and the dead could intermingle and inhabit the same space. Literary and cultural depictions enforce this magical quality to the wake, focusing on its wild, primitive and uncontrollable aspects.

Dr. Bridget English holds a PhD in English from Maynooth University in County Kildare, Ireland. Her research interests lie in modern and con­ temporary Irish fiction and culture , theories of the novel, death studies, modernism, and the medical humanities. She has taught a variety of writing and literature courses at Maynooth University, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York

Registration: $5 per person-Students $2 with ID

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Freamh Eireann Genealogy Group

Fréamh Éireann meets Saturday June 10th @ 10:30pm.

Fréamh Éireann, the Gaelic words for “Irish Roots”, is the name of our genealogy group.  Our interest lies in assisting members of the Fairfield Gaelic – American Club (GAC) interested in researching their family roots.  We focus on, but are not limited to, Irish family research.

Functioning as a self-help group, the members vary in knowledge but all are able to learn from each other by sharing their research experiences, providing suggestions and guidance, identifying resources, programs, and organizational sources that assist in one’s personal research.We do not conduct research for non-GAC members.Through our monthly meetings we keep members of Fréamh Éireann advised of various genealogical seminars and events as well as members’ successful searches and/or questions.  Minutes and email notices inform members who may not be able to attend.Periodically guest speakers are invited to address either our regular meetings or general meetings open to the public.  Occasionally field trips are arranged to points of genealogical interest.The Genealogy Group meets the second Saturday of the month at 10:30 am in the O’Keefe Room. All members are welcome.  For more information email:


A Typical Fréamh Éireann Meeting

 Meetings are held monthly, except in July and August, on the 2nd Saturday, at 10:30 a.m., in the O’Keefe Room (2nd Floor) of the Gaelic-American Club (GAC).  Meetings are open to GAC members and their guests.
  • Agenda
  • Reports of upcoming Genealogy Presentations by other groups which might be of interest to members
  • Discussion of possible or potential speakers, and topics, which may be of interest for addressing our group at one of our upcoming meetings or sponsored public forums held at the GAC building
  • (Optional)  Many members, following adjournment, remain to enjoy lunch in the pub, which opens for serving at noon.
    • Welcome any guests
    • Officers’ Reports
    • Committee Reports, if any (Membership, Library, Special Events, Health and Welfare, etc.)
    • New Business
    • Reports by Members on their genealogy research
    • Questions and Answers by anyone with a research question
    • Report on current month’s General Membership Meeting
    • Adjournment
  • Examples of subjects presented at our monthly Saturday morning meetings:
    • Record-keeping models
    • Utilizing various research resources
    • Censuses – United States and Ireland
    • Probate records and wills
    • U.S. city directories
    • Local libraries and genealogy groups
    • Cemeteries
    • Historical fiction novels
    • Sharing family research with family and others
    • Photo books
    • Calendars
    • Publishing family stories and pedigrees
    • Internet site for both research and sharing
    •, Family Search,,
    • Private Facebook group and personal web site.
    • Guest speakers
    • Q and A via Skype with genealogist from Ireland
    • Civil war memorabilia and history
    • Finding your Irish townland and civil parish
    • Growing up in Ireland
    • Researching with genetic DNA
    • Member sharing
    • Reports of information gathered from visiting archives, history and genealogical meetings, or visits to Ireland
    • Details of upcoming events of interest