We’re Good ~ Book Signing

Tuesday October 16th (re-scheduled from September 25th) from 5-7pm

Celebrate the launch of We’re Good with Meg Keeshan McGovern and Chris O’Brien at the gac. Buy an autographed copy before they hit the bookstores. Or, just come, socialize, and be inspired by Chris’s story.

We’re Good is an inspiring story about a well-rounded teenage athlete whose life changed in the blink of an eye. Chris O’Brien innocently dove into the ocean, hit a sandbar, and was instantly paralyzed. Going from a D-1 athlete to quadriplegic at eighteen years old is life changing. Chris was a swimmer, sailor, and student in college going about life before his accident. Meg Keeshan McGovern, has beautifully captured the pathos that accompanies a family tragedy and illustrates how it can become a triumph for all. Through narrative and personal stories she guides the reader through the various stages of grief, denial, anger, therapy and devotion that this one family went through to emerge on the other side stronger and full of more promise than ever.