Irish History Lecture

Stair na Éireann
25 Lecture in a Series on Irish History
The lecture on Sunday, October 24 @ 2pm, presented by John Day Tully, Ph.D. Dr. Tully is Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, Professor of History, Central Connecticut State University. Dr. Tully has won numerous teaching awards, given talks in Ireland and Poland and has presented at the American Historical Association, Organization of American Historians, National Council for Social Studies, American Conference for Irish Studies and many others.
In “Ireland and Irish American: Easter Rising to WWII”, Dr. Tully will discuss the interaction between the Irish and Irish Americans as both groups struggled to create an identity during the turbulent years between WWI and WWII. WWI divided Irish opinion and accelerated Irish Nationalist\’s timetable in the struggle for independence from the United Kingdom. Many Irishmen volunteered with the British Army and others organized the 1916 Rising. Irish leaders in the 1930s and 40s wanted to create and international identity that safeguarded their new independence and they relied on Irish America to help them. Irish Americans were also creating their own identity, as they never felt entirely at ease with their place in American society. The strategic importance of the island of Ireland during WWII became a focal point to bring together both groups search for identity and their place in the world.
Dr. Tully is the author of “Ireland and Irish Americans 1932-1945:
The Search for Identity”.
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