Faith Maciver

Yes, it is me again… running for the third year in a row for President. As you can see, I am dedicated and persistent in my effort. The reason for my attempts every year is that I feel that I have the qualified background, knowledge and experience for this position. I have dedicated many hours as a former member of the Executive Committee as Financial Secretary and Vice President. I served on the Audit Committee. I host Trivia every month which if you have not had the opportunity to attend you should come and see what fun everyone has and get to meet members.  I hosted the Senior Luncheon for numerous years. I have run the Annual Holiday Food Drive which benefits Operation Hope every year and still will this year. I have participated in many social events here and frequent the club on the weekends all the time. The reason I say all these things is to show you, the members, that I am very involved on all levels at the Club. By doing that, you gain knowledge in many different facets which is crucially important when you are chosen to be President.  This is a big responsibility as well as an honor to be chosen by your fellow members. This says we have trust and faith in you to run this club on behalf of us. We know you will make the right decision in all matters big and small, financially and socially. We trust you will always listen to us, value our opinions, and consult with the Executive Committee to take all things into consideration to make choices and changes for the best interest of the club and its members.

Recently, I was asked to be on the Board of the IHMOF (Irish Hunger Museum of Fairfield) as its secretary which I immediately said yes without hesitation. I wanted to join my fellow GAC members who wanted to save the Irish Hunger Museum. This group, as you all know, has close ties to the Gaelic American Club as they support our efforts to preserve our Irish History.

I would like to resurrect the social activities this upcoming year that due to COVID have been on hiatus. Events such as Dancing with the Stars, Octoberfest, Adult Halloween Party, New Year’s Eve Party ,Summer Themed Events etc. and possibly have some new events to get members of all ages involved. Those events stirred up a lot of excitement and attendance. This year I want to get the social activities back on track.

I thank you for your support and your vote and remember it is time to put your faith in Faith.