First Friday Trad Musician 6-8pm

Linsey Céitinn is February’s first Friday Musician Feb 3rd 6-8pm

This award-winning fiddler and teacher will play the February’s First Friday Trad Music Session on February 3rd from 6-8pm. An accomplished musician, she’s president of The PV O’Donnell Branch of Comhaltas and a student of Brian Conway.

Traditional Irish Music Session with Kira Jewett Friday January 6th @ 6pm

Kira Jewett our Frist Friday Trad Musician started playing classically when she was just three years old but fell in love with the music of Ireland in her 20s and studied extensively with the virtuoso fiddler Brian Conway. She is the 2003 All-Ireland fiddle Slow Airs Champion. She is also a member of New Leaf and the band will play that night from 8-11PM!