Irish Language ~ Get Into It!

2018 is the Year of Irish Language and there are many opportunities for you to learn a little Irish at the GAC! Check the display at the front desk when you come for dinner and grab a language handout—Irish, English translation, and phonetic guide all included!

Do you lead a club or event at the GAC?  We can help you infuse the Irish language into your event!

Want to give your children a rich understanding of their Irish heritage? Jump in our Kids Irish Language classes this summer!  Adult classes are always open as well!  And don’t forget to bring the whole family to the Wee Irish Festival June 17th, where kids can hear stories and music in both English and Irish!

Irish Language Immersion Day is Oct. 6th –  Don’t miss it! Handouts are on club’s information table.

“Learning Irish has been a fun experience for me. It was hard at first learning pronunciation, but now I use it every day. I feel like it connects me to my ancestors, too.”

-Karol “Saoirse” Plomin, Kid’s Irish Class Student

Email DesNolan@OptOnline.Net  for more info!