Karan Casey Band ~ Friday May 24th @ 8pm

Karan Casey is widely acclaimed as the finest and most influential singer of her generation.She first came to prominence as the glorious voice of the sensational group Solas, leaving after several years and four groundbreaking albums to pursue a solo career. And what a career it has been !

Over the course of a quarter century she has released seven remarkable albums, toured extensively worldwide, and collaborated with such diverse musicians as James Taylor, Bela Fleck, Boston Pops Orchestra, Liam Clancy The Chieftains, Maura O’Connell, The Dubliners, Peggy Seeger,
Lunasa and many others. Admission for adults is $20 and Children $5.

For reservations or more info call (203)255-3848 or email tmquinn@optonline.net