Message from GAC President Gerry Reidy ~ May 2019

I would like to offer a few observations about our club. As you know we had the Andy Cooney Band and Deidre Reilly perform in the Carolan Room after the April Meeting. The band was shifted from the Pub where they were originally scheduled to play, to the Carolan Room to accommodate an anticipated greater number of members as Andy and Deirdre have been Irish Music headliners for many decades and have a large following. The shift was a wise decision as the room was packed and I saw many members, some in wheelchairs who had not come to the club in years. Everyone had a great time.

Another fun evening among many, was Trivia Night run by Faith Maciver. This event also packed, attracted a different segment of our membership. Everyone including yours truly, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I must admit however that I didn’t recognize 90% of the artists and songs we were asked to identify and I fear I was not much of an asset to my team.

My point is that we have many different constituencies in the club just like any extended family and we work hard to be inclusive and address them all.

I also want to tell you a bit about our many or not so many Volunteers who keep this club running. I was walking past the small dinning room last Tuesday afternoon when I saw two ladies taking the tablecloths off the tables and putting them in a bag. When asked what they were doing? I was told they took all the tablecloths home on Tuesdays, washed and ironed them and brought them back on Wednesdays. I won’t mention their names as I don’t want to embarrass them, and they don’t do it for recognition; in fact, I am sure that most club members myself included knew nothing of their service. I only mention it because they are just an example of many volunteers who strive to preserve the club; enabling the continued transmission of Irish hospitality and culture down the generations. Their numbers are dwindling. We need younger members to step up to the plate so their children will have a place to go to when they become young adults.
~ Gerry Reidy, GAC President

I want to bring you up to date on the various projects we are pursuing at the Club. As you may know, we have reached the point where we can no longer put off some urgent building repairs.  These include repairs to the roof, replacing a number of leaking windows, repairing the elevator, repairing the side yard fence and augmenting the basement drainage system to take care of the flooding problem. The bad news is that the total cost for the repairs is in the neighborhood of $100,000.00. The good news is that thanks to all the hard work put in the Finance and Facility Committees and others the past five years as well as the dues and price increases; we were able to set aside the required amount to pay for these urgent repairs.

We expect to let the contracts for the roof, windows and fence this month. We have been in touch with another elevator company and hope to resolve this problem in May.  We believe we are close to solving the flooding problem, but we need to do a bit more research on this item.

With regard to the use of the side yard, the present picnic tables and benches are shot and need to be replaced. We intend to put in about 15 tables and benches along with large umbrellas and outdoor game equipment. We will also be purchasing an outdoor rotisserie grill which will allow us to hold a number of Pig and other roasts. Its too late for this Easter, but I thought a lamb roast would be a traditional celebration for next year. Except for the Irish music, even the Apostles would feel right at home.

We are estimating a one time all in one cost of $9,000.00 to make it happen. We don’t have this project specifically identified in the budget which was previously approved, so I will be coming to the members at the May meeting to get approval to spend the money I will get back to you with progress reports from time to time.

Best Regards

Gerry Reidy