Results for 2020 GAC Executive Committee

Congratulations to Gerry Reidy who will continue to serve as GAC President for 2020 and Anthony Hogan who was elected to the position of Sergeant-at-Arms.
The 2020 Executive Committee
President – Gerry Reidy
Vice President – Faith Maciver
Treasurer – Jim Corcoran
Financial Secretary – Tom Harding
Sergeant-at-Arms – Anthony Hogan
Director 1 Years – Hilary Dee Koreeda
Director 2 Years – Amy O’Shea
Director 3 Years – Gerry O’Donovan.

Biographies Below:


Gerry Reidy – Nominee for Reelection as President

I have been a member for 25 years and during those years I have served as a Director, Vice-President and on a number of Club committees.  The membership of our Club has grown to 6,000 and gross revenues now exceed   $ 2,000,000.00 a year. An organization of this size presents many managerial and operational challenges and issues. In this regard, I have benefited from being involved with Club over the years. I have also benefited from working this year with an extremely hardworking, knowledgeable and dedicated team and I owe them my thanks.

In addition to my wife Rosemary, my three sons, Griffin, Brian and Mike are also members and the first of the third generation of the family is in the process of applying for membership. The generational membership has caused me to be mindful of both the short term and long term strategic implications to the Club of any decisions we take and plan for the future.

An example of a project that brings immediate as well as long term benefit is the opening up of our side yard for the enjoyment of our members. The installation of picnic tables, large umbrellas, soccer goals, volley ball nets and outdoor games has been well received by all; particularly by the children who are our future members.

There are a number of very important initiatives that we have started in the past year that I would like to finish. These include a total redesign and replacement of our basement pumping system to prevent the periodic flooding we experience. This has been a very complicated engineering problem, but when the new system is installed and operational, we will be able to put our elevator back in service.

This election is my report card. If you are pleased with my performance as President this year, I would appreciate your coming out to vote for me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as President this year.

Brian Filush – Nominee for President

I am a lifelong member of the Gaelic American Club with roots in Sligo and Mayo. My uncle Michael O’Brien, whose uncles were the famous Clancy Brothers, was the bagpiper who dedicated the GAC. My sister performs with the Highland Rovers while my daughters’ study Irish dance. I am a Director of FÉILE and work to enhance Irish cultural experiences.

I grew up in Fairfield and live in Trumbull with my wife, Ashley and our daughters. By profession I am a firefighter for the city of Norwalk. I respect our Club’s past and, as a young parent, appreciate how our Club can bring our heritage alive for the next generation. I will bring enthusiasm and new blood to promote our Club. I welcome your support and ask you to vote for me as the next President of the GAC.

Brian Smith – Nominee for Sargent at Arms

My name s Brian Smith and I am running for the position of Sargent at Arms on the GAC Executive Committee.  I am a Connecticut native and presently reside in Monroe, with my wife and daughter.  I received my Bachelor Degree in Arts (Social Work) and my Master Degree in Health Administration from Western Connecticut State University. My career has been focused on the field of developmental disabilities, with the past 18 years working for the State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services. Beyond the routine roles and responsibilities of my current position as an Assistant Regional Director of the Individual and Family Support Division, I am also an active participant participate in numerous regional and statewide committees focused on enhancing and developing services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

I am excited for the opportunity to enhance my involvement in the Gaelic American Club, beyond those associated with my daughter’s involvement with Lenihan School of Irish Dance and routine GAC activities.  I am looking forward to being a part of the continued success and growth of the club for the years to come.  Thank you for the consideration and support!

Kiera Filush – Nominee for Sargent at Arms

I have been a member for just over 10 years and I am excited to take on this opportunity.  My Irish heritage is very important to me as my roots are in Clare and Mayo.  This has inspired me to seek this chance to be more involved in the club and support the culture. My family has always been civic minded and I have a professional background in organization and management.  When I moved from Nebraska to Connecticut, the GAC was one of the first organizations I became o part of.  Many of my family are also members and we enjoy our time here together.  Helping to promote the future of the GAC is something that is important to me and my family.

Anthony Hogan – Nominee for Sargent at Arms

Is a Long time member of the club and presently serves on the clubs facilities group. Original from Lisdoonvarna Co Clare Anthony now resides in Fairfield CT with his wife Christine and their sons Michael and Patrick and looking forward to giving back to the Irish American community.



The following  positions were nominated and filled without contention:

Faith Maciver – Vice President

I’d like to thank you for your trust and selecting me as Vice President again this year. This will be my fourth year on the Executive Committee, serving 2 years as Financial Secretary and now 2 years as Vice President. Currently, I also chair the Senior Luncheon each month, chair the annual Turkey Drive, Host the monthly GAC Trivia and most recently, chair the newly formed GAC Business Trades Group. You can find my husband Angus and I at the club most weekends as well as at many social events. I hope this year we can continue making progress in advancing the GAC for future generations while continuing to instill the values of our founding members. I am very proud to serve our members as Vice President for the 2nd year.

Tom Harding –  Financial Secretary

Tom Harding was the Chief Operating Office of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (FSFW).  The Foundation has $1 billion in funding commitments to improve global health by ending smoking in this generation. Tom was responsible for overseeing all operations and financial functions of FSFW.

Tom is a senior financial executive with over 25 years of experience working for major corporations.  His diverse financial experience includes debt and equity capital markets, asset management, financial planning and analysis, financial risk management, and cash management.

Currently an avid runner, Tom participated in the US Olympic Trials for the marathon and ran professionally in a prior life.

Jim Corcoran –  Treasurer

I served as the Financial Secretary for the Gaelic American Club for the last year, helping to successfully execute the financial plan that was put in place last year that has provided financial stability to the G.A.C.  I received a BS in Finance from UConn and also earned a Certificate in Management Accounting (lapsed).  My business career includes 30+ years with Sikorsky Aircraft where I was a Program Financial Controller, Program Manager and Director of International Industrial Cooperation.  I retired from Sikorsky in 2018 and currently serve as a consultant to aerospace companies.  I look forward to serving as Treasurer

Gerry O’ Donovan – Director 3 Years

I am a long time member of the GAC and presently serve as recording secretary and chairman of the Facilities group.

I reside in Fairfield with my wife Sue and our two boys (young men) and looking forward to helping in the clubs continued success.




Amy O’Shea – Director 2 Years

Hilary Dee Koreeda – Director 1 Year

I have been a member of the Gaelic American Club for over twenty years. I’m a Connecticut native, with roots in counties Waterford, Tipperary, Cork, and Galway, and I live in Fairfield with my husband Tatsu and daughter Kerry. I graduated from Georgetown and Wesleyan Universities and work for the Town of Fairfield. I have served as the Sergeant-at- Arms. And over the years, I have participated in various capacities: as Recording Secretary; on Social Committee, Good and Welfare, backstage for Clan na Gael, with the Bowling League, and on the Irish Festival Committee. I worked on the Oral History Video Project, and when my daughter was younger, helped with children’s events.

Being involved is a good way to meet other members and to make the most of our wonderful club. It’s important to move toward the future, mindful of the people who founded the club, with an eye toward stewarding it for future generations. It’s also important to maintain the warmth of our organization, and to support and create programs that perpetuate Irish culture and celebrate the shared heritage of Irish-born and Irish-Americans.