Stand up Comedy & ‘Forty Shades of Green Tour’

Saturday March 23rd @ 7:30pm












A Fun-Fundraiser to propel Tracy James’ acclaimed play “Forty Shades of Green Tour” to the Fringe Festival in Scotland.

This fun filled evening features the hilarious production of “Forty Shades of Green Tour” and the comedic talents of Christine O’Leary, Frankie Fuhrman, Robb Coles, Micaela Fagan & Mat Orefice!
Written and directed by Tracy James, the “Forty Shades of Green Tour” has entertained audiences from the GAC, to Ireland, to Manhattan and now with your support onto the Fringe Festival at Greenside Venue in Edinburgh, Scotland in August 2019. The World’s Largest Arts Festival!
Tickets $20, For Reservations call Elizabeth Power 203 873-6556 Or email Cabaret seating, Cash bar, Raffle tickets, door prizes and more. A Special Thank You to The Gaelic American Club and Feile Inc for their support!