The Drive-by Voting Procedures 

The Election Committee has developed a drive by-voting system that is  safe and as contactless as possible that will permit members to vote without ever getting out of their cars using paper ballots and a lock box.


Voting will take place Sunday December 6th from 12 noon to 6 PM

Voting Procedures 

  • Members will drive in the regular driveway and proceed to the back section of the parking lot.
  • On their way, they will pass a table staffed by members of the Election Committee who will check the IDs of voters in the car and give the driver the appropriate amount of ballots.
  • The car will then proceed to the back section where there will be about 30 parking spaces for members to pull in and mark their ballots.
  • Although the Club will have pencils available to mark the ballot if you need one and they can be dropped in a box on the way out, it would be greatly appreciated if you brought your own writing materials as it would be safer and avoid their having to be cleaned for reuse.
  • They will then continue around the parking lot to the other side where there will be a lockbox into which members will slip their ballots.
  • The driver will then exit the way he or she came in or park in one of the parking spaces in the front section and go into the Club for breakfast lunch or dinner.

The 2021 Slate of Nominees can be viewed By Clicking Here