LÁ GAEILGE – Day of Irish Language & Culture

Come join us on October 1 from 8:30 – 3:30pm  for an experience of multi-level language classes, lectures, workshops and activities, all designed to improve your Irish language skills, whether you have cuplá focal or are cainteoir líofa, all are welcome to this day of fun and inspiration.

The program includes a Fulbright Scholar and experienced teachers. Ogham Art will set up shop and Daltai na Gaeilge scholarship books will be available for sale. Lunch will be provided. The cost is $50 for the day, all inclusive. This event is organized by the GAC Irish language class and sponsored by Feile, Inc.

To register, please send your name, email, phone and level of Irish, along with your check made out to Feile,Inc. to: Gaelic American Club – La Gaeilge, 74 Beach Rd., Fairfield, CT 06824.
Contact Cáit Thopsey 203-459-9686
Robin Griskus 203-233-4979
(this is the contact number for the day of the Lá Gaeilge)

Irish History Lecture – Oct 2 @ 2PM

(Stair na hÉireann)
Ná Croch na Cearca! (Don’t Hang the Hens!)
An exploration into Early Irish Life and Law.
Presented by Una McGillicuddy

Brehon Law is the body of ancient native Irish law which was generally operational in Gaelic areas until the completion of the English conquest of Ireland inthe early 17th century. About the time of Elizabeth I, the Brehon laws were banned and English commonlaw was introduced.

Although part of the oral tradition and of unknown age, the Brehon laws were first set down on parchment in the 7th century and were named after the Brehons (na breithimh) who acted as interpreters of the law when called upon. This code of law transmits so much about the character of early Irish life – it’s hierarchy, the central place of farming and cattle-raising, the relationship to the land and property, marriage and child-raising, sickness and healing – among other aspects of life.

Una McGillicuddy will discuss some of the principles upon which the Brehon laws were based along with examples that will surprise, delight and probably confound! Her main interest is in exploring what was meaningful to these living men and women and what, if anything, we can learn from them and apply to our own lives and time.

Una McGillicuddy hails from Dublin where she studied Irish and Classical Civilization at Trinity College. She has lived in New York since 1985 and has taught Irish with Daltai na Gaeilge and at other language immersion events. She is delighted to be invited to Fairfield and to exchange ideas in both Irish and English.

Sunday, October 2, 2022
2:00- 4:00 p.m.
Tickets – $5.00 (Students with ID $2.00)
Sorry we cannot accept GAC script or credit cards
Sponsored by: Féile, Inc.
Hosted by: Fréamh Éireann Genealogy & GAC Language Groups
Help us plan seating and refreshments by registering in advance. Register online at: gaclectures@gmail.com Please provide name, address, phone and email.

Una McGillicuddy hails from Dublin where she studied Irish

Irish Language ~ Foghlaim Gaeilge

The Group meets Thursday Evenings via Zoom
6:45 beginners | 7:30 intermediate

For more information: Cait Thopsey – 203-459-9686



The Irish Language class will once again be presenting a La Gaeilge day of Irish Language and Culture on Saturday, Oct. 2, from 9 am – 1 pm.

Our format will be different, as we plan to have a hybrid style event: Zoom availability as well as in person.

Our day will include the flag raising and National Anthem, a bi-lingual lecture by Patrick Mahoney, Gaeilgoir, historian and author, some break out classes and music. For those attending in person, we will have lunch at 1 pm followed by a sesiun.

Bigi Linn! Join us! For further details
Cait Thopsey 203-459-9686
Robin Griskus 203-233-4979