Fréamh Éireann meet on the second saturday of the month @ 10:30AM 



About Fréamh Éireann :

All GAC members are invited to attend the Fréamh Éireann genealogy meetings which take place the second Saturday of the month.

Fréamh Éireann, the Gaelic words for “Irish Roots”, is the name of our genealogy group.  Our interest lies in assisting members of the Fairfield Gaelic – American Club (GAC) interested in researching their family roots.  We focus on, but are not limited to, Irish family research.

Functioning as a self-help group, the members vary in knowledge but all are able to learn from each other by sharing their research experiences, providing suggestions and guidance, identifying resources, programs, and organizational sources that assist in one’s personal research.

We do not conduct research for non-GAC members.

Through our monthly meetings we keep members of Fréamh Éireann advised of various genealogical seminars and events as well as members’ successful searches and/or questions.  Minutes and email notices inform members who may not be able to attend.

Periodically guest speakers are invited to address either our regular meetings or general meetings open to the public.  Occasionally field trips are arranged to points of genealogical interest.

For more information, please email

Fréamh Éireann meets monthly, except July and August, at 10:30 AM on the second Saturday of each month in the O’Keefe Room. We welcome all GAC members, particularly those who need help in their family search or those who don’t know where to start.

As a self-help group, our members support one another by sharing our own research experiences while providing suggestions and guidance.

We do not conduct research for others. Members are kept advised of genealogical seminars and events via meeting minutes and email notices. Periodically guest speakers are invited to address our meetings and field trips are arranged to points of genealogical interest.

Fréamh Éireann Member Benefits

  • Learn from each other
  • Opportunity for beginning members to meet one on one with a seasoned member for guidance in their next steps in discovering their family history.
  • Access to our Fréamh Éireann library of materials; minutes including many helpful website addresses
  • Access to the Irish Ordnance Maps
  • Access to the Fréamh Éireann computer
  • As a genealogical society approved by the Secretary of the State of Connecticut, one’s membership card, upon submission, allows access to Town Clerks’ records throughout CT
  • Comradery with others interested in genealogy study particularly of Irish ancestry.
  • Learning genealogy research “tricks” from each other
  • Learning from guest speakers who make presentations periodically at the monthly meetings
  • Priority registration for sponsored open public presentations
  • Made aware of various nearby genealogy presentations by other organizations.