Saturday Morning Runners Club

The Saturday Morning Runners (and Walkers) club is active year round and all are welcome to walk or run the courses provided at anytime on their own.  Ken Gallagher will be available as a guide on Saturday’s from Oct to April, weather and holiday’s permitting.








5k route: Meet Saturday mornings at 8:30am. Suggested route:  Run / walk from GAC to Old Post, to South Benson, to Clinton, to Oyster, to Jennings Beach Parking Lot, thru Parking Lot to Fairfield Beach Rd, to Rowland, back to Old Post, then back to GAC. 3.1 miles. Map

2.5k route: Meet Saturday mornings at 9am.  Suggested route: Walk to the Fairfield Beach Club and back to the GAC is 1.5 miles. Map

Contact Ken Gallagher @ or 203-685-2993