Bar Committee

The Bar Committee assists the Permittee in overseeing the general bar operations. The Committee conducts regular meetings with the bar staff to insure everything is running smoothly and addresses any issues they might have with the Permittee as well as input from the Membership.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees the newsletter, e-Bulletin, facebook account and website.  It reports all current and relevant information in a variety of formats in order to make it accessible to all the GAC membership. The information is relayed through submissions made by other committees and membership and is broadcast when it is most relevant to membership or Irish culture.

Election Committee

First appointed as Nominating committee by Executive Committee, this committee ensures that all the candidates are given written election guidelines.  They collect pictures and create write ups about the candidates for the November newsletter. When these duties are complete this committee then becomes Elections Committee, which oversees the conduct of the elections.

The committee is responsible for maintaining a brief account of the Committee’s Actions during the year. This account would be geared toward helping the succeeding Committee understand their duties.

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for maintenance of the club house both indoors and out, as well as the building façade, roof all repairs of doors (both automatic and standard), all indoor lighting (including emergency light and replacement of bulbs), entrance foyer structure and the ladies’ room and men’s room.

Fàilte Committee

The Fàilte Committee is responsible to see that the guest book at the door is maintained according to the guidelines of the state and are present at the club to greet entrants and to ensure that all guests properly sign the guest book.

Good and Welfare Committee

The Committee conveys the appropriate sentiments to club members/families with regard to birth announcements, life achievements, milestones and condolences. Mass cards, when appropriate, are offered for deceased members. Sympathy card are sent to family members.

House Committee

The House Committee is responsible for ensuring appropriate appearance and holiday/seasonal décor of the GAC. They also recruit volunteers from the general membership to assist them in cleaning sessions each year.

I.T. Committee

Maintains computer terminals, network and communication hardware. The Committee also supports all our online initiatives.

Kitchen Committee

The Kitchen Committee assists the Chef in overseeing the operation of the kitchen. They conduct cost analysis on the food, etc, to ensure we are providing our members excellent cuisine for excellent prices, without breaking the bank.

Library Committee

The GAC Library consists of over 2,000 books and is located on the second floor of the Gaelic-American Club. It is staffed by the volunteers of the GAC Library Committee.

For more information on the GAC Library.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is in charge of maintaining the membership list of the GAC and oversees the admission of new members, issuing door cards and directing the Scrip Program.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for coordinating all social events and activities for all age groups and interests of the GAC.  They are responsible for all aspects of event planning and execution.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee connects members with a desire to play their favorite sport (e.g. golf, tennis, softball, darts, bowling, running, basketball, soccer, squash, Gaelic football, hurling, etc).  The committee is responsible for building community through sport.