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Sisters Wicked Good Soap
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It’s all my big sister’s fault!

She did it …she gave me my first bar of goat’s milk soap and it was wicked good!

She’d been making soap in the Adirondacks and gave me some samples. The soap she said was especially gentle and moisturizing due to the goats’ milk in the recipe. And she was so right! I immediately noticed that these wonderful bars of soap with their rich, creamy lather were unlike anything I’d ever used and I loved it. And of course wanted more!

Somewhere between swearing off store bought soap and nagging my sister for hers, she taught me her craft. She also gave me some basic equipment to get started. That was over 8 years ago and since then I’ve crafted soap for friends and family while developing new recipes and combinations. During that time I also learned more of the benefits of goat’s milk and what makes home crafted soaps so special.

Sisters Wicked Good Soap is natural hand crafted goat milk soap and we make a fragrance/pigment-free bar as well a variety of fragrances derived from essential and fragrance oils that include seasonal scents and year round favorites from airy florals to earthy musks. We also love blending and swirling natural pigments and botanical in to our soaps always trying new ideas and methods to craft a unique bar that you are sure to enjoy ~ Just add water! Where to Get ‘Wicked’ ~ Sisters Wicked Good Soap can be found at Dew Yoga Studio in Stamford and a numbers of crafts fairs and festivals throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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