Seeking members to dance in our 10th annual charity fundraiser on Saturday, October 12th. No experience necessary. Members of all ages welcome, including children. Must commit to weekly dance lessons beginning in July at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Southport. If interested contact Fran Tartamella at 203-260-4180 or email fitzmella@yahoo.com

The Forty Shades of Green Tour’s Musical Fundraiser

The Forty Shades of Green Tour’s Musical Fundraiser features Tim Warren & Eric Donnelly of the Alternate Routes with opening act: The Irish Band!
Saturday June 1st @ 7:30 pm.
This event is open to the public so make reservations ASAP by calling Elizabeth Power, 203 873-6556 or email 40Shades2019@gmail.com
Cabaret Seats $25, Theatre style $20,
Raffles, 50/50, Cash bar

Many thanks to GAC and Feile for all their support!




Grand Marshal candidates must be of Irish descent, active and strong supporters of community organizations and events and reside in the Greater Bridgeport Area.
Candidates must be available to participate in the Bridgeport St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 and in events leading up to the parade including the Grand Marshal’s Ball and Half-Way to St. Patrick’s Day Party
All nominations should be submitted in writing by mail or email and received by June 14, 2019. Nominations should be sent to Peter F. Carroll, the 2019 Grand Marshal at 18 Fairlea Avenue, Stratford, CT 06614 or by email to commishbd@aol.com

The first Grand Marshal was Martin Reidy in 1983.  Past honorees have included a First Selectman, a Police Chief, a priest, a physician, business, labor and community leaders, and other elected officials. For complete list of past Grand Marshals visit http://stpatricksdaybridgeport.com/

Clan na Gael News

Free Summer Improv Comedy Classes ~ for high school students and adults taught by Barry Halpin,

Barry, wrote, directed and performed with the  LA based comedy group Constant Comedy. He has taught and directed Improvisational comedy for over 30 years.  He was the director of,  Slow Children At Play, 2000-2006, the resident improv group at The Stamford Center for the Arts.

Classes will provide an opportunity to explore your creative side through theatre games and exercises; creating short scenes, characters and monologues. A chance to connect with and build on ideas, share stories, use your imagination, have fun, and laugh a lot

Classes are 6/19, 6/26, 7/2 & 7/10
High School Students 6-7:00PM
Adults 7:30-8:30PM

An Improv performance, by all students, will be given on July 9th.  Email barryhalpin@aol.com for more information.

CnG’s  Fall Production: Auditions for CnG’s fall production of “Nobody’s Talking To Me” a comedy by Tommy Marren and directed by Kelsey Guggenheim Dias, will be held on September 28th and 29th from 1:00 – 3:30.  The cast will consist of 4 males and 4 females ages ranging from mid 30’s to 70’s The performances will take place on November 21-24.

Readers Theatre:  On Saturday October 19 and Sunday October 20 we will be presenting a staged Reading of THE SKULL OF CONNAMARA by Martin McDonagh, directed by Peg O’Leary  A perfect play for the Halloween season.

Come Join Us ~ No Experience  Necessary!


Counterinsurgency and Collusion in Northern Ireland by Mark McGovern

Féile, Inc. and the Bridgeport Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) co-host the book launch of Counterinsurgency and Collusion in Northern Ireland by Mark McGovern, PhD on Sunday June 9  at 2PM in the Carolan Room.

Dr. McGovern’s book focuses on the end game policy of collusion in the Mid-Ulster area, when Republicans and their families were targeted by Loyalist paramilitaries and criminals acting in concert with British State forces. It is the result of years of working with Relatives for Justice (RFJ) interviewing the bereaved and injured, and intensive research into collusion as a state policy.

Also attending the book launch will be Mark Thompson, human rights attorney and founder of Relatives for Justice (RFJ).  The RFJ was founded in 1991 and is a Northern Ireland based human rights NGO providing holistic support services to the bereaved and injured of the Troubles.

Sunday June 9th @ 2PM. The event is free and open to the public


Message from GAC President Gerry Reidy ~ May 2019

I would like to offer a few observations about our club. As you know we had the Andy Cooney Band and Deidre Reilly perform in the Carolan Room after the April Meeting. The band was shifted from the Pub where they were originally scheduled to play, to the Carolan Room to accommodate an anticipated greater number of members as Andy and Deirdre have been Irish Music headliners for many decades and have a large following. The shift was a wise decision as the room was packed and I saw many members, some in wheelchairs who had not come to the club in years. Everyone had a great time.

Another fun evening among many, was Trivia Night run by Faith Maciver. This event also packed, attracted a different segment of our membership. Everyone including yours truly, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I must admit however that I didn’t recognize 90% of the artists and songs we were asked to identify and I fear I was not much of an asset to my team.

My point is that we have many different constituencies in the club just like any extended family and we work hard to be inclusive and address them all.

I also want to tell you a bit about our many or not so many Volunteers who keep this club running. I was walking past the small dinning room last Tuesday afternoon when I saw two ladies taking the tablecloths off the tables and putting them in a bag. When asked what they were doing? I was told they took all the tablecloths home on Tuesdays, washed and ironed them and brought them back on Wednesdays. I won’t mention their names as I don’t want to embarrass them, and they don’t do it for recognition; in fact, I am sure that most club members myself included knew nothing of their service. I only mention it because they are just an example of many volunteers who strive to preserve the club; enabling the continued transmission of Irish hospitality and culture down the generations. Their numbers are dwindling. We need younger members to step up to the plate so their children will have a place to go to when they become young adults.
~ Gerry Reidy, GAC President

I want to bring you up to date on the various projects we are pursuing at the Club. As you may know, we have reached the point where we can no longer put off some urgent building repairs.  These include repairs to the roof, replacing a number of leaking windows, repairing the elevator, repairing the side yard fence and augmenting the basement drainage system to take care of the flooding problem. The bad news is that the total cost for the repairs is in the neighborhood of $100,000.00. The good news is that thanks to all the hard work put in the Finance and Facility Committees and others the past five years as well as the dues and price increases; we were able to set aside the required amount to pay for these urgent repairs.

We expect to let the contracts for the roof, windows and fence this month. We have been in touch with another elevator company and hope to resolve this problem in May.  We believe we are close to solving the flooding problem, but we need to do a bit more research on this item.

With regard to the use of the side yard, the present picnic tables and benches are shot and need to be replaced. We intend to put in about 15 tables and benches along with large umbrellas and outdoor game equipment. We will also be purchasing an outdoor rotisserie grill which will allow us to hold a number of Pig and other roasts. Its too late for this Easter, but I thought a lamb roast would be a traditional celebration for next year. Except for the Irish music, even the Apostles would feel right at home.

We are estimating a one time all in one cost of $9,000.00 to make it happen. We don’t have this project specifically identified in the budget which was previously approved, so I will be coming to the members at the May meeting to get approval to spend the money I will get back to you with progress reports from time to time.

Best Regards

Gerry Reidy


Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum Needs Our Support

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum in Hamden is facing a crisis. Quinnipiac University has decided that the museum must become financially independent by 2020 or it will close. While many Connecticut Irish Clubs and groups have launched fundraising efforts, we can all help by becoming dues paying members of the museum. There are eight levels of membership starting at $35, and all are detailed in attachments below. We hope that many of you will help save this important Irish Museum in its hour of need, but also to commemorate the sacrifices of our ancestors.

Membership Levels
Membership Application

Membership Levels
Membership Application

A Clan na Gael Production

Is Life Worth Living

This comedy is set in a quiet, seaside town in Ireland where summer brings tourists and entertainers. The arrival of a traveling theatre group presenting the classics, turns the town upside down as the locals begin to emulate the lives of characters in the plays.

Join our brilliant cast: Patrick Lane,Ann McGuire, John Moran, Brian Norris, Dan O’Callaghan, Mike O’Mara, Susan O’Hara, David Pirrie, Jillian Plomin, Eamon Speer, Amy Strachan, Marie Stehl and Byrne White, as they wonder…
Is Life Worth Living
Thursday, April 25th Friday 26th,
Saturday 27th at 8:00pm & Sunday at 2:30pm
Tickets: Bette Leary 203-767-0117
Production help and set builders needed
contact: opeggyo812@gmail.com

St. Patrick’s GAA Club annual Cúl Camp 2019

A summer camp in Gaelic football, hurling & camogie for children 5-15 years of age from June 24-28 at Notre Dame H.S., Fairfield. Whether you’re seeking to improve skills or never played, this camp is designed to introduce children to the excitement and challenges of Gaelic games. GAA Certified coaches direct from Ireland.

Camp hours are 9am-3pm each day. Graduation & medal ceremony on June 28th with family lunch & social at the GAC. Space is limited. Early registration and sibling discounts available. visit www.stpatricksgfc.org or email training@stpatricksgaa.us.

2019 Executive Committee

Meet the Team

As of October 19th there are no contested positions for the 2019 GAC Executive Committee so there will be no need for an election on Sunday December 2nd 2018. The full list of 2019 Committee Members is as follows:


Gerry Reidy


Gerry O'Donovan

Gerry O'Donovan

Recording Secretary


Amy O'Shea

Director 3 Years


Faith Maciver

Vice President


Jim Corcoran

Financial Secretary


Hilary Dee Koreeda

Director 2 Years

Tom Harding

Tom Harding


John Comerford

John Comerford



Pat Carolan

Director 1 Year

Oral History Video Project

Volunteers are needed to assist in the filming of interviews for the Oral History Video Project.  This is a great learning opportunity for young people!  

If you are interested in assisting in the filming process, or if you are an Irish-born member interested in being interviewed, contact Peggy O’Leary at 203-243-8124 or opeggyo812@gmail.com.

St. Patrick’s GAA Club News


St. Patrick’s congratulates the 47 boys and girls who completed the “Introduction to Gaelic Football” training over the past six weeks. An additional session has been added for Sunday March 25th in Stamford. Please see website www.stpatricksgfc.org for more details or email: admin@stpatricksgfc.org.


  • St. Patrick’s invites all girls & boys, ages 5 through 18 to play Gaelic Football, hurling, and camogie with the club for the NY GAA Spring 2018 Championship. No prior experience needed.
  • St. Patrick’s will host the Club’s annual summer camp in Gaelic Games from June 25-29, 2018 at Notre Dame High School from 9am to 3pm each day. Please see the website for more details. All are welcome and no prior experience needed!!

Monthly Membership Meeting

The Next Monthly Meeting is FRIDAY June 14TH @ 8PM  ~

On the second Friday of every month all GAC members are invited to attend the Monthly Membership meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to update members on club operations and the on goings of the many committees, socials, and activities that take place on a regular basis. This meeting is when some of the most important decisions for the club take place. If you’re interested in the future of the GAC and want to contribute to its prosperous future, then should attend the next meeting.

GAA Games from Ireland






$25 per person – includes breakfast

8:15am Minor Final: Galway vs. Kerry Minors
10:30am Senior Final: Dublin vs. Tyrone

The GAC broadcasts the GAA games live from Ireland via satellite every Sunday from May through September.   All are welcome to come down and support the games and cheer on their favorite Hurling and Football teams.  For more information, contact Tom Moran

Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football can be described as a mixture of soccer and rugby, although it predates both of those games. It is a field game which has developed as a distinct game similar to the progression of Australian Rules. Indeed it is thought that Australian Rules evolved from Gaelic Football through the many thousands who were either deported or immigrated to Australia from the middle of the nineteenth century. Gaelic Football is normally played on a pitch (playing field) approximately 137m long (150 yards) and 82m wide (90 yards).

The goalposts are the same shape as on a rugby pitch, with the crossbar lower than a rugby one and slightly higher than a soccer one. The ball used in Gaelic Football is round, slightly smaller than a soccer ball. It can be carried in the hand for a distance of four steps and can be kicked or “hand-passed”, a striking motion with the hand or fist (similar to serving in volleyball). After every four steps the ball must be either bounced or “solo-ed”, an action of dropping the ball onto the foot and kicking it back into the hand. You may not bounce the ball twice in a row. To score, you put the ball over the crossbar by foot or hand / fist for one point or under the crossbar and into the net by foot or hand / fist in certain circumstances for a goal, the latter being the equivalent of three points. Each team consists of fifteen players, lining out as follows: One goalkeeper, three full-backs, three half-backs, two midfielders, three half-forwards and three full-forwards.

Goalkeepers may not be physically challenged while inside their own small parallelogram, but players may harass them into playing a bad pass, or block an attempted pass. Teams are allowed a maximum of five substitutes in a game. Players may switch positions on the field of play as much as they wish but this is usually on the instructions of team officials. Officials for a game comprise of a referee, two linesmen (to indicate when the ball leaves the field of play at the side and to mark ’45” free kicks and 4 umpires (to signal scores, assist the referee in controlling the games, and to assist linesmen in positioning ’45’ frees). A goal is signaled by raising a green flag, placed to the left of the goal. A point is signaled by raising a white flag, placed to the right of goal. A ’45’/’65’ is signaled by the umpire raising his/her outside arm. A ‘square ball’, when a player scores having arrived in the ‘square’ prior to receiving the ball, is signaled by pointing at the small parallelogram.


Hurling is a game similar to hockey, in that it is played with a small ball and a curved wooden stick. It is Europe’s oldest field game. When the Celts came to Ireland, as the last ice age was receding, they brought with them a unique culture, their own language, music, script and unique pastimes. One of these pastimes was a game now called hurling. It features in Irish folklore to illustrate the deeds of heroic mystical figures and it is chronicled as a distinct Irish pastime for at least 2,000 years.

The stick, or “hurley” (called camán in Irish) is curved outwards at the end, to provide the striking surface. The ball or “sliothar” is similar in size to a hockey ball but has raised ridges. Hurling is played on a pitch approximately 137m long and 82m wide. The goalposts are the same shape as on a rugby pitch, with the crossbar lower than a rugby one and slightly higher than a soccer one.

You may strike the ball on the ground, or in the air. Unlike hockey, you may pick up the ball with your hurley and carry it for not more than four steps in the hand. After those steps you may bounce the ball on the hurley and back to the hand, but you are forbidden to catch the ball more than twice. To get around this, one of the skills is running with the ball balanced on the hurley To score, you put the ball over the crossbar with the hurley or under the crossbar and into the net by the hurley for a goal, the latter being the equivalent of three points. Each team consists of fifteen players, lining out as follows: 1 goalkeeper, three full-backs, three half-backs, two midfielders, three half-forwards and three full-forwards.

Irish Language ~ Foghlaim Gaeilge


Monday Evenings:
  • Irish Grammar Class 7:00-8:00 PM, contact JMinehan@gmail.com.
Thursday Evenings:
  • Kids/Parents Irish Learning Helper Session: 6:30-7:30 PM, contact DesNolan@optonline.net.
  •  Beginners Irish Class 6:30-7:30 PM, contact Cecia.Dalzel@quinnipac.edu.
  • Lower Intermediate Irish Class 7:30-8:30,  DesNolan@optonline.net.
  •  Higher Intermediate Class – meets Thursday from 6:30-7:30, contact JMinehan@gmail.com.
  • Grupa Comhra – 7:30- 9:00 PM, contact Cait 203-459-9686.


GAC Irish Language Day & Variety Show

The “GAC Annual Irish Language Immersion Day” will be on October 6th, 2018. It is open to all levels from those with NO Irish to advanced. Irish Language Immersion Day Brochure   or  Pick up a brochure from the front desk.  Irish Language Immersion Day Registration Form.  Any questions please contact: Des Nolan at DesNolan@OptOnline.Net.

For the first time ever in the 70 year history of the club at GAC, an effort is underway to put on an a “Variety Show in Irish” (session style). 2018 is the Year of the Irish Language and we would like to show that the club actively participated in that. The show is being planned for October 6th, 2018, 2:30 to 4 PM. It will be open to the public ($5/person) and a booklet will be published ahead of time with each performance piece in English as well as Irish, so everyone can understand the show on the day.

Currently, we are looking for members of the various activity groups at GAC, (singing, acting, dancing and music), who would be interested in participating in this uniquely historical event. If you’re interested in participating, please talk to your activity leader who’s been contacted already or if you need to work on your own contact Des Nolan directly. Des will help with Irish performance piece selection, pronunciation and provision of simple phonetics as needed. Think a 5 min performance slot, (or multiple of that if needed), with a focus on a relaxed presentation/performance. Traditional pieces are fine, but we’re definitely seeking some contemporary interpretations on the traditional arts. Regardless, dare to be surprising and be entertaining! GAC Irish Language Day & Variety Show Flyer

If you think you might be interested in attending the show (no actual commitment needed) please send an email so we can get an idea of potential attendance.
Contact Information  DesNolan@OptOnline.Net.

From June calendar 

Is fearr Gaeilge briste, ná Béarla clíste.

The quote above from GAC’s June Calendar is pronounced: Iss faar Gay-el-geh brish-teh naw Bay-er-lah clish-teh ~ meaning: “Broken Irish is better than clever English”


  • The Irish Government has declared 2018 the Year of Irish Language. People are encouraged to speak or learn some (or more) Irish. In light of that, the following Irish events are offered:
  • A new display exists at the front desk, in which every couple of months there will be a different set of handouts with Irish, English Translation and Phonetics on some interesting topics.
  • Assistance to all activity groups and staff within the club to work with them to introduce a little Irish to their activity or work.
  • An open invitation to participate in the Common Prayers/Anthem in Irish at the club’s flag raising on St Patrick’s Day or in a practice session 2PM Saturday March 3rd, or the Irish Language Immersion Day on October 6th. Handouts for both activities are on club’s information table. The one for St Patrick’s Day has English Translation and Phonetics.

Also, please come and see some Irish performed at the Cultural Night. For more information contact Des @ DesNolan@OptOnline.Net


Every St Patrick’s Day morning at the GAC’s flag raising the Common Prayers and the Irish National Anthem are said in Irish. This year, so all can participate we are offering a Practice Session on Saturday March 3rd, @ 2PM in the Cultural room. Please register with DesNolan@OptOnline.NET. Handouts available on the information table in the club hallway with the Irish, English translation, phonetics and web audio links.



Trad Music Session

Enjoy live trad music led by the Shamrogues on the first Wednesday of the month from 7-9pm. All musicians are welcomed to sit in on the session. So dust off those instruments, warm up your voice and get energized with Traditional Irish Music.



St. Patrick’s Hurling & Football Club


St Patrick’s GAA Club will host it’s annual dinner dance beginning at 6:30 pm on Saturday Dec. 1nd at the GAC. We are pleased to announce that the recipients of the 2018 “Gaels of the Year” Award are Jim and Caroline Feeney for all their hard work, dedication and countless hours of volunteering for the GAA, the GAC, & promoting traditional Irish cultural activities in Fairfield County. In addition, the recipient of the 2018 Senior Gaelic Football Player of the Year Award is Joe Jones . Tickets are $100 and include live band, cocktail hour, dinner, dessert, and open bar. Tickets and table reservation requests may be sent to lizgiardina@hotmail.com. Commemorative journal ads may be sent to: fundraising@stpatricksgaa.us.


Mark Your Calendars! St. Patrick’s G.A.A. Club will host its annual winter training program “Introduction to Gaelic Football for Children 6-8 Years Old” on Saturdays from 4-5pm at The Field House in Fairfield for six weeks beginning on Sat Jan 19, 2019. All training is non-contact and emphasizes fun, games, hand-eye coordination and basic skills. Cost is $60 and includes T-shirt and graduation ceremony. Limited capacity. To register, please visit: www.stpatricksgfc.org. Email questions to: admin@stpatricksgfc.org.

St. Patrick’s GFC is the fastest growing Gaelic football club in the tri-state area. The club, headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, was created in 2003 to provide training, instruction, and athletic competition in Ireland’s favorite sport, Gaelic football. Prior to the Club’s inception, children and adults interested in learning or competing in Gaelic football had to travel to clubs located in New Haven or New York. In just a few short years, the Club has grown dramatically from four founding members to over 150 members and five teams in youth (Under 8 through U-14) and adult levels.