A Clan na Gael Production

Is Life Worth Living

This comedy is set in a quiet, seaside town in Ireland where summer brings tourists and entertainers. The arrival of a traveling theatre group presenting the classics, turns the town upside down as the locals begin to emulate the lives of characters in the plays.

Join our brilliant cast: Patrick Lane,Ann McGuire, John Moran, Brian Norris, Dan O’Callaghan, Mike O’Mara, Susan O’Hara, David Pirrie, Jillian Plomin, Eamon Speer, Amy Strachan, Marie Stehl and Byrne White, as they wonder…
Is Life Worth Living
Thursday, April 25th Friday 26th,
Saturday 27th at 8:00pm & Sunday at 2:30pm
Tickets: Bette Leary 203-767-0117
Production help and set builders needed
contact: opeggyo812@gmail.com